Activity Analysis

The figure below shows the frequency of seismic activites in US caused by various factors.

It is apparent that most of the seismic activities happen because of earthquakes. But what are their magnitudes?

This table shows the occurences of earthquakes of different magnitude. Most earthquakes that occur in US are between the magnitudes of 4 and 5 on the richter scale.

Magnitude Number of Occurence
4-5 6724.0
5-6 1032.0
6-7 187.0
7-8 23.0
8-9 0.0
9-10 0.0

Next, we wanted to find out the years with minimum and maximum earthquakes. Since USGS data before 1965 is inconsistent, the range used here is from 1965 to 2019.

Year with minimum earthquakes 1972
Year with maximum earthquakes 1980
Maximum 550
Minimum 31

Figure below depicts the regression line to show the relationship between magnitude and depth. It can be infered that magnitude does not have a linear relationship with depth.