Gold Analysis

The occurrence of an earthquake has minimal impact of the direction of Gold prices in the subsequent 7-day, 14-day and 1-month intervals as indicated in the charts below. The actual performances ranged between a drop of .087% and a gain of 1.73% after seven days; a drop of 1.48% and a gain of 3.11% after 14 days and a drop of 1.49% and a gain of 2.95% after a month. However in the vast majority of instances (Magnitude 7.1 or less), the performance averages between flat and a gain of .01%.

NOTE: Data sourced from the London Metals Exchange via the St. Louis Fed

Gold Performance 7 Days after Incident

Gold Performance 14 Days after Incident

Gold Performance 1 Month after Incident

Incident Counts by Magnitude

Gold Counts